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We're celebrating our 20th Birthday!

"This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Virtual High School (VHS), and oh, how we’ve grown! In October 1996 VHS began with a grant from the US Department of Education, with only a handful of schools participating. In 2001 we transitioned to a non-profit organization, and we’re currently serving more than 600 schools around the world! Our mission is to provide students and teachers with collaborative and engaging learning opportunities, and we’re pleased that thousands of students and teachers have benefited from the online education we’ve provided.  Our long-term vision is to prepare students to be successful in college, careers, and life. Since our inception we’ve felt strongly that all education – not just online education – benefits from a supportive community working together to provide students with access to quality education regardless of geographic location or resource constraints. Twenty years later we continue to serve students, schools and educators; we know the work we do truly does make a difference. Thanks to everyone who is a part of our success, past, present, and future!"

- Carol Ribeiro, President & CEO of VHS


Look how we've grown!

Over the past 20 years, VHS has grown from working with schools in just a few states to countries around the world as displayed by the maps below.


VHS active member states in  1997-1998



VHS active member school states in 2016-2017 

VHS member countries in 2016




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