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Recruiting Young Astronauts


Imagine training to be an astronaut: blasting off in a rocket, floating in micro-gravity, exploring space and Earth from the International Space Station (ISS), and contributing to the collective knowledge base of our planet. The ISS is one of humanity's most remarkable accomplishments. It is a sophisticated laboratory in space, pushing the boundaries of research in biology, materials science, medicine, chemistry, and Earth observation. The ISS provides a fabulous context for students to explore topics in life science, physical science, earth science and engineering.

VHS Learning offers several for-credit and enrichment activities for students as part of its Space Station Academy, featuring the International Space Station.

  • Mission to the ISS is a FREE informal learning opportunity where students focus on Earth observation from the International Space Station.
  • Science from Space is a half-credit science course where students investigate science and engineering concepts as “cadets” on a simulated mission to space.
  • Earth and Space Systems Science is a one-credit science course organized into three-week, theme-based modules that explore Earth’s place in the universe and solar system, examine the five spheres of the Earth (atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere), and consider the impact of human activity on Earth.

The Space Station Academy program was developed by VHS Learning, in collaboration with the Association of Space Explorers, TERC, and the Center for Advancement of Science in Space.