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Recruiting Young Astronauts for Space Station Academy

Send students on a virtual mission to the International Space Station (ISS) to participate in realistic training and on-orbit experiences, observe Earth from space, monitor experiments, and experience the reality of life as an astronaut.


Option 1: Individual Enrollment (grades 6-12) 
Students participate in a cohort-based, VHS instructor-led, summer experience that sends them on a virtual mission to the ISS, with a special focus on Earth observation and photography.
Course Length: 4 weeks
Visit our Summer School page to register.

Option 2: Blended Class (grades 4-12) 
Teachers integrate a virtual mission to the ISS into their STEM curriculum; each student interacts with content and participates in collaborative activities in a safe online environment facilitated by their teacher.
Course Length: 10 modules, flexible pacing

Option 3: Teacher License (grades 4-6) 
Teachers bring full classes or entire grades of students on a virtual mission to the ISS within their classroom.
Course Length: 10 modules, flexible pacing

Middle School Space Station Academy
In this semester-long middle school science course, students embark on a mission to the ISS where they investigate key concepts in Earth science, life science, physical science, and engineering. Throughout their mission, students engage in curriculum developed and supported by astronauts, scientists, and educators, and work directly with a certified teacher.
Course Length: 15 weeks, offered in fall and spring semesters
Blended class and teacher license options are also available upon request.


The Space Station Academy program was developed by The Virtual High School, in collaboration with the Association of Space Explorers, TERC, and the Center for Advancement of Science in Space.

Image credits: NASA