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Recruiting Young Astronauts for Space Station Academy

Send students on a virtual Mission to the International Space Station (ISS) to participate in realistic training and on-orbit exercises, observe Earth from space, and experience life as an astronaut!

Space Station Academy has 2 flight packages: Mission to the ISS and Science from Space. Mission to the ISS is an informal learning opportunity where students focus on Earth observation and photography. Science from Space is a formal science course where students investigate science and engineering concepts. Throughout each mission, student cadets engage in curriculum developed by astronauts and scientists. 

Take STEM education out of this world with these courses!

  • Science from Space (grades 7-10) – Online elective science course teaching key STEM concepts (15 weeks, .5 credits)
  • Mission to the ISS (grades 6-12) – Online cohort-based summer course (4 weeks)
  • Mission to the ISS (grades 4-12) – Blended course for integration into classroom instruction (10 modules)
  • Mission to the ISS (grades 4-6) – Teacher licenses for entire grades of students (10 modules)

Course descriptions and requirements for each Space Station Academy flight package can be viewed here:

Science from Space
Mission to the International Space Station

The Space Station Academy program was developed by VHS Learning, in collaboration with the Association of Space Explorers, TERC, and the Center for Advancement of Science in Space.

Image credits: NASA